Cian Gallagher Founder of Aerial Agri Tech,                Remote Sensing Drone Specialist

B.Agr.Sc, Agriculture and Forestry, University College Dublin

M.SC, GIS and Remote Sensing, University College Cork

M.Agr.Sc, Risk Modelling in Irish Forests

Cian have a honours degree in Forestry from University College Dublin (2004-2008).Cian have since completed a Masters in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing from University College Cork (2012-2013). In 2017 he received a M.Agr.Sc from University College Dublin, my research examined the factors influencing the occurrence of windthrow in forest stands during Storm Darwin.

Damir Akhmetshin, Remote Sensing Technician and Senior Data Scientist 

BSc, Physics, Kazan Federal University (Russia)

MSc, Physics, Kazan Federal University

Damir came to Ireland as a winner of Enterprise Ireland’s Competitve Startup Fund with the project with a project focused on the use of remote sensing technology in the agriculture. Damir joins AAT in 2020 as a remote sensing technician and senior data analyst. Damir's unique experience and skillset allows us to get the very most from our imagery.

Experience and Knowledge

Established in 2015 Aerial Agri Tech were amoung the first in Ireland to commercially use fixed wing drones with multispectral sensors for the purpose of analysing agriculture and forestry. Over the last 5 years we have flown 1000's of missions covering all aspects of the Irish Landscape. Our vast experience allows us to capture and process imagery of the highest quality ensuring out clients get the most our of each survey.